Xiongqi Urban Legend

Under the silent night's canopy, beneath stars twinkling against a shy moon veiled by wandering clouds, a peasant slumbered into a dream both mystifying and mesmerizing. Gradually, a mist cleared, unveiling a serene assembly of pandas moving towards him with calm grace. These gentle beings, emblems of peace and serenity, bore an unvoiced prophecy, a whisper from beyond.

As though emerging directly from the fog, Goddess He Xiangu materialized, her glow slicing through the nocturnal haze. Encountering her was both a profound privilege and a cryptic riddle. Struck by awe, the peasant was enveloped in a wave of deep veneration.

Goddess He Xiangu appearing before a peasant in a moonlit countryside, in a dreamlike, messy sketch style.

Those who adapt with the times are blessed, intoned the goddess, her voice an ethereal harmony. Now is the moment for Xiangqi to stride into a new chapter—modernizing while respecting its rich past. A crucial innovation is required: a fifth major piece, the linchpin of this era's dawn.

Stirred by the revelation, the peasant hesitantly sought clarity, his voice quivering with a mix of awe and doubt. How was it possible that he, so modest and mortal, was chosen for such a grand endeavor?

With a smile that seemed to illuminate centuries, He Xiangu gently revealed her hand. A scene unfolded within its glow: a horse, bounding with the nimble elegance of a rabbit.

This spectacle transcended mere physical prowess or speed. It exuded an enchanting suppleness, a captivating adaptability - traits crucial for the seamless interplay within the grand tapestry of existence. Emerging like a profound symbol from the depths of mystery, it signified not only swiftness but the sophisticated skill to navigate through life's intricacies with fairness and cohesion.

These principles, the bedrock of a society where diverse voices unite in concord, echoed a timeless dream: the emergence of equitable, wise leadership founded on the pillars of mutual esteem and collective insight.

Awakening, the peasant was engulfed in confusion, the dawn's first light washing over him. The dream lingered, both remote and intensely present, a mystery cloaked in night's fog. Yet, from within, surged a compelling energy, urging him towards action.

With divine inspiration as his guide, he embarked on his task with invigorated purpose. Led by an unseen hand, he crafted the piece as shown by He Xiangu: a seamless blend of equine strength and leporine grace. This creation, born of celestial vision and mortal craft, heralded a new chapter for Xiangqi, a fusion of heritage and progress in a game set to enchant future generations.

Thus was born Xiongqi, not just as a game, but as the symbol of an evolution, inspired by ancestral wisdom and the courage of those who dare to dream.